The Episode starts with Raman waking up with a hangover. Ishita gets the wine and Raman asks what is she doing. She makes him realize his mistake. He says sorry, I will quit drinking, stop it. She asks is he really sorry. He swears on wine. She says fine, I have forgiven you, I m going to clinic, have breakfast and go to office. He asks for an answer about surrogacy, their child. She says we don’t want the baby, why are we talking again. He says Manoj said its fool proof way. She says I don’t know why are we talking, please not now. She goes to Ruhi’s room and cries.

Manoj gets Raman’s call and meets him at the clinic. Raman says Ishita is not ready for surrogacy. Manoj says we have the frozen eggs, why is she refusing, shall I talk. Raman says she said she does not want to give the hope to everyone, I know she is shattered and wants the baby, is there any way, that we do this without telling Ishita. Manoj says this is against my ethics. Raman says sorry. Manoj says but you can take this decision, try to convince Ishita, I will find a suitable lady who is ready for this. Raman thanks him. Manoj says this is my work. He gets a call and says I will talk later. Raman thanks and hugs him. He leaves.