Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – 20th March 2017 Part – 2


Sameer sees her and she asks why is he worried, whose call was it. He says nothing, just like that, it was my sister’s call. Rashmi comes and Sameer smiles. Akshara wishes Rashmi all the best. They all ask her to come soon. Sameer and Rashmi leave. Shaurya and Anshu try finding the sabudana at shops. Shaurya says dad made us stuck. Anshu says maybe Rajshri is mistaken. Shaurya says dad will be after us till we get it. Vishwamber tells Omi that maybe they did not get it, so they are not taking it. Rajshri says I knew it won’t be got at shop today. He says I m trying. She says try fast, else you won’t get good.

Naksh asks everyone to present food for him. Naira argues. Naksh says get up and serve me, else I will curse you. Naira says I don’t care. Naksh says I will go and change, no one is treating me as Kanha. Bhabhimaa stops him and asks everyone to agree to Naksh today. The sisters get at his service and bring food for him. Nqksh asks them to dance and say any peom. He scares them of curse. Naira asks him to scare Naitik by his warnings of curse. They challenge Naksh. Naksh says no, I don’t want to make dad work. Naira laughs and they tease him. Naksh says I m not scared and calls Naitik.

Naitik looks at him and Naksh gets scared. He asks Naitik to do something to take blessings from Kanha. Naitik asks him to say what to get for him. Naksh smiles and says whatever you could. Naksh asks Naira to see. Naksh brings a bat and Naksh runs. Naitik says you are fooling everyone and making everyone laugh. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to save him. Naitik asks Bhabhimaa not to stop him. Bhabhimaa says no one will tell anything to Naksh. Naitik says she has spoiled him.