Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai – 20th March 2017 Part – 1


Mishti asking will Naksh not come. Bhabhimaa says she has troubled Naksh. She asks Naitik to call Naksh, she will apologize. Akshara says no, he has become Kanha before, if he does not want to become now, its fine. Naitik says I think he does not feel it good. Bhabhimaa says she will convince Naksh. Akshara says he will come if he wants. Mishti says Naksh has come. They all turn and get surprised seeing Naksh as Kanha. They all smile.

Naira compliments him. Naksh asks Bhabhimaa to bless him. Bhabhimaa says she will greet him. Naksh apologizes to him and says he loves her a lot, so he did this for her. Bhabhimaa hugs him. Naitik says thank Lord, our son is taking care of elders’ happiness. Naksh asks Naitik to say openly. They all have a talk. Sameer joins them and Devyaani looks on. Sameer asks Naksh to bless him. Naksh blesses him.

Sameer asks them why they not come to see dahi handi. Naitik says we get tensed seeing it. Sameer says he will take Rashmi along. The elders look on. Rajshri argues with Vishwamber for bringing wrong sabudana. Everyone laugh seeing them. Dadi asks what will they do now. Rajshri asks Vishwamber to bring good sabudana. Vishwamber says how will he get it now. Shaurya and Anshu try to leave. Omi signs Vishwamber. Vishwamber stops Shaurya and Anshu, and asks them to go and get sabudana.

Akshara asks Rashmi to go with Sameer. The kids say they will also come. Sameer says he can’t take kids along, as there will be much crowd. Gayu gets sad. Akshara says Sameer is right, and when Kanha is at home, they can be at home. Naksh says yes, and asks the sisters to get bhog. Sameer gets a call and goes. Naira asks what can we do for you Prabhu. Devyaani says Sameer looks fast forward guy. Bau ji says Sameer and Rashmi used to work together, times have changed. Devyaani says I want to talk to his parents. Devyaani hears Sameer talking on phone.