Shakti – 20th March 2017 part – 2


Maan Singh moves around to see who is there. Pratap holds his dagger and gets ready to attack but Maan Singh cannot see anyone around. He notices a small door. He is about to open it when soldiers come running to tell him that the soldiers who were guarding the special areas are dead. Another soldier comes to inform him that the special spy has come over to meet him. Maan Singh leaves with him. Pratap was hiding inside that room only.

Pratap and Dhani look at the huge tower. Pratap points out that there are 500 stairs inside. We cannot take stairs as it will be dangerous. We will have to climb all the way up to rescue Kamlawati. Chandrasen and Acharya are doing the right thing but we will have to take this challenge. He asks for a rope.

The soldiers surround Acharya. Chandrasen manages to enter inside the room where gunpowder is kept while Acharya fights with the soldiers. He too gets inside. Chandrasen and Acharya decide to collect some gunpowder now so they can execute their mission.

Shakti kills many soldiers too.

Pratap and Dhani start climbing up the tower with the help of ropes.

Mughal soldiers come inside the arms room but don’t see Acharya and Chandrasen there as they are hiding. They lock the room from outside. Chandrasen and Acharya get down executing their plan. They connect a thin rope with a few sacks and take one sack with them.

The soldiers hear some noise but cannot see anyone around as Pratap and Dhani are high up on the building.

Chandrasen and Acharya light fire to the rope. There is a big blast.