Naagin – 18th March 2017 Part – 1


Akhiraj coming and fighting with the men for beating Pushkar and Kamli. He beats them and acts as getting hurt. Kamli and Pushkar looks on scared. The men warn to kill them. Akhiraj tells they are Pushkar’s chacha’s men and says I came at the right moment. Anant comes to school to take Nidhi. Shivam asks him to wait for sometime. Anant says yes. Just then Shivam runs and falls down hurting himself on the head. Anant turns and is shocked to see him bleeding. All the girls run out. Pooja and Nidhi sit in the car and take Shivam with Anant.

Disa makes Kamli drink the water. Disa tells Akhiraj told us everything. Kamli says they were Pushkar’s chacha goons. She asks for Pushkar. Harki is sitting at his side and gives him water. Pushkar asks where is Kamli? Harki tells Kamli is in her room. Pushkar insists to meet her. Harki asks Shambu to take care of Pushkar and goes. Disa tells Kamli that Shambu will take care of Pushkar. Anant checks Shivam’s wounds and do the dressings. Dadisaa comes with Mannu and Abhi. Pooja looks at him, while he ignores him. Anandi talks to Dadisaa and says she is coming. Anant comes out and tells Shivam is fine. He asks them to wait for 5 mins, till he is shifted to ward. Dadisaa and Pooja ask Shivam about him. Shivam says he is fine and shows the car which Anant gave to him. Abhi likes it. Anant tells he gave it to Shivam to make him comfortable. Anant thinks about Anandi’s relation with Dadisaa. Anandi comes and gets concerned for Shivam. She thanks Anant. Anant asks Shivam to call him whenever he is alone. He thinks shall I ask Anandi about her relation with haveli people, and then thinks he will know with time.