The episode starts with Ragini sleeping peacefully on bed and Neil trying to catch network on his phone. He also falls asleep on sofa and drops phone on floor. Miljaye is tarah do lehren jis tarah….song.. plays in the background. Ragini wakes up in the morning, gets out of bed and sees Neil’s mobile on floor. She picks it, Neil wakes up and asks if she is checking her mobile. She says she picked it from floor. He asks her to prepare tea as he did not sleep yesterday night. She asks why. He says he is habituated to her snores and since she did not, he did not get sleep.

Suhani dressed like Sunny tai enters Pam’s room with Agam and Nishi and tries to wake her in sunny’s style. Pam thinks she is sunny and asks not to disturb. Suhani insists. Pam opens eyes and asks why is Sunny looking so thin. Suhani laughs. Pam asks why are they are all wearing weird dresses. Agam says they are going for society’s dahi handi celebrations and wants her also to attend it. Pam says never. They start acting that mom does not love them. Pam asks to stop their bad acting and says she will come down in 1 hour. Suhani says she will send her Sunny’s style sari. Pam says never… Nishi says she will send her lemon tea. Pam smiles.